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  • Motivator, Moderator, Educator, & Advocate

  • Master of Human Services | Lincoln University | Pennsylvania

  • Former Adjunct Professor, Touro College & Long Island University 

  • Fellow, SMU’s Hunt Institute for Engineering and Humanity—Inclusive Economy, 

  • Fellow, Bush Institute Stand-to-Veteran Leadership Program

  • Fellow, Dallas Public Voices

  • Appointed Women Veterans 2030 Commissioner

  • 2022 Dallas Award for Business Development 

  • 2022 Rolling Out Magazine, Sisters with Superpowers Honoree

  • Dallas Business Journal 2021 Women in Business Honoree

  • Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), Center for Women Veterans (CWV),  2021 Trailblazer “Women Veterans Leading the Way” 

  • SBA’s DFW District 2020 Veteran Small Business Advocate of the Year

  • Dallas Innovates 2020: The Future 50 North Texans to watch



  • With over twenty-five years of diverse management expertise, VR has consistently demonstrated an aptitude for forming dynamic teams of impassioned professionals, unified by a shared pursuit of achievement grounded in camaraderie and collaborative synergy. She excels in forging and nurturing organizational alliances, underpinned by an intimate comprehension of client requisites. This has yielded a track record of delivering strategic solutions that seamlessly align with client needs.

  • VR's leadership acumen shines in her adeptness at fostering robust cross-cultural bonds that cultivate a collective sense of purpose and mutual respect. Rooted in fairness and integrity, these relationships amplify unity and propel mission attainment. Her exceptional interpersonal and communication skills are pivotal to her success, consistently yielding outstanding outcomes. With a genuine curiosity for others, an unwavering receptiveness to novel concepts, and a steadfast commitment to teamwork, her approach consistently cultivates an atmosphere of excellence.

Please provide a summary of your work history, qualifications, and background:

  • A dedicated leader, VR is committed to exemplifying internal and community collaborations that foster camaraderie, ultimately cultivating an environment of seamless support. Her role as a change advocate and vocal proponent of cultural consciousness adds a distinctive perspective to the establishment and perpetuation of an enduring streak of organizational triumphs.

  • VR's exceptional abilities encompass a sharp aptitude for situational analysis, proactive problem-solving, formulation of strategic solutions, change management, and alliance building across diverse industry segments. These talents significantly amplify brand visibility and profit potential. With a track record of successful outcomes, she has adeptly orchestrated pivotal community and cross-departmental initiatives, propelling performance, productivity, and innovative advancements toward the fulfillment of organizational missions.

  • Amplifying her industry knowledge, VR's professional expertise spans strategic and change management, quality assurance, financial management, community and customer relations, communication strategies, health promotions, marketing, sustainability, and entrepreneurship. This breadth of proficiency converges to cultivate a universally recognized brand characterized by competence, confidence, compliance, and collaboration.

  • VR's professional history resonates with a consistent narrative of achievements, solidifying her reputation as an individual who effectively transforms visions into tangible realities.

Why would a prospective client want you to be their keynote speaker or to support their speaking event? What are some compelling aspects of your background/career/experience that we should know about?

  • Whether facing an individual or commanding the attention of thousands, VR possesses an unparalleled ability to dominate the room. Seamlessly attuned to the pulse of the audience, she crafts a message that not only captivates but propels, compelling each listener to push beyond their boundaries, inspiring both personal and professional growth that transcends the imaginable. VR is a force that consistently hits its mark, igniting transformation and driving innovation. Having devoted the past six years to constructing a national institution, she stands prepared to infuse your event with her distinctive style, boundless energy, and a mindset that instigates motivation. Elevate your event with the power of VR. Your quest for impactful inspiration ends here.

What are your primary topics/areas of expertise?

  • Leadership, Organizational Development, Strategic Management, Cultural Consciousness, Women & Leadership, Strategic Business Growth, Personal Development, and Change Management

  • Series of Session Titles: 
    - Leveraging Life's Lessons 
    - Leaving a Legacy of Leadership
    - Knowing the T.R.U.T.H. About You 
    - Manifesting a Multi-Million Mindset 
    - It's not Personal, It's Personalities: Understanding Self & Others


What are some positions you have held in your career that you would like prospective clients to know about?

  • Director, University Health & Medical Services (UHMS): Center for Healthy Living 

  • Founder/Executive Director, Brooklyn Executive Business Women’s Association 

  • President/CEO, Small Industries’ Organizational Success Strategies 

  • Adjunct Professor, Touro College & Long Island University 

  • United States, Navy - Clinical Investigations

  • Radio Personality | WPAT 930 AM 



What are some speaking events you’ve supported recently?

  • Lead & Empower Her - She Talks Tour Houston 

  • Women Veterans in STEM Convening  

  • The Best You Expo - Positioning for Success: Harness the Power Within

  • EarthxMilitary Summit: EarthxVets – The Mission Continues

  • Axios’ Mike Allen,  Live from Dallas 


Do you have any articles or publications? Have you been featured in any? If so, what were they?

Please list any other information you would find helpful:

  • My voice resonates with a legacy of years marked by tangible triumphs, an unswerving dedication to realizing my guiding motto: "Changing the way we see the world and do business."

  • For those poised to embrace genuine, transformative change with lasting impact, I am your steadfast ally, armed with the expertise to guide you and your team towards unparalleled achievements. The time is now—let's embark on this journey together and make your vision a resounding reality.

  • Nominated 2022 Entrepreneur Evangelist of the Year
    Finalist, D CEO’s 2022 Nonprofit and Corporate Citizenship Awards for Leadership Excellence 

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