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todd simmons

"Your training and experience prepare you to lead.  Trust in your ability to not only lead but be the beacon of hope for all those who follow you.  Uncertainty, unpredictable action, and complexity are guaranteed.  How you react as a leader is critical to executing your organization’s mission."

CMSgt Todd Simmons, Retired



Courageous Leadership Alliance INC.

DUNS: 117362126                        

CAGE Code: 8FYL6

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We understand the unique environment of our government agencies and military organizations. Our consulting services have helped government and military agencies improve performance and organizational culture since our beginning. Our remarkable and unmatched experience provide solutions for any organizational leadership challenge and human resource training programs and will hit the heart of your issues. We provide real value to your leaders with solutions they can put to work in the field immediately.

Courageous Leadership Alliance designs a custom-tailor made leadership development architecture and continuum that builds a foundation for leaders across the federal government. This architecture creates a shared and executable vision, enhanced self-awareness and engagement in continuous self-assessment and development, and fosters a commitment toward life-long learning within their respective organizations. Additionally, it creates a common language for organizational cultures to communicate more openly about inter- and intra-organizational and interpersonal challenges, which addresses universal challenges for all leaders no matter where they work.

Our robust portfolio of services will ensure to help our clients align their organizational culture, leadership, and people to their overall mission execution.

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If you are ready to take your organization to the next level, we would love to accompany you along that journey. 

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