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At Courageous Leadership Alliance, we excel in elevating organizational efficiency and effectiveness through our detailed team and organizational assessments. Our method involves a meticulous evaluation of various organizational dimensions, such as communication dynamics, leadership styles, and team collaboration processes. This analysis helps in pinpointing precise areas where improvement is needed and in formulating customized leadership development programs.

Furthermore, we integrate advanced personality and trait assessments to assist individuals in a deeper understanding of their personal attributes. These assessments are designed to uncover a range of characteristics, from leadership potential and decision-making styles to interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence. By identifying both strengths and developmental areas, we enable individuals to harness their full potential.

Our approach is not just about identifying gaps; it's about creating a roadmap for sustainable growth and development. Through our assessments, we provide actionable insights and strategies that can be implemented at both an individual and an organizational level. This dual focus ensures that while individuals grow and evolve in their roles, the organization as a whole becomes more cohesive, resilient, and adaptive to change.

Reviewing Reports at Desk


The Leadership Gap Indicator (LGI) is a team and organizational assessment designed to help organizations compare current leadership capabilities to organizational needs. This analysis helps to identify current leadership capabilities and draw attention to any gaps that may exist. Organizations can use this process to gain important information about priorities for leadership development.


Leadership styles are unique, and at Courageous Leadership Alliance (CLA), we understand there's no universal solution. We offer science-based training and assessments tailored for leaders at all levels, from frontline to executive. Our nationally accredited techniques provide deep insights into your leadership challenges. You'll acquire essential skills for confidently navigating any situation and staff interaction.

With our specialized assessments, including EQ-i 2.0 / EQ 360, Workplace Big 5, and The DiSC®, you'll identify your strengths and areas for improvement, empowering you to excel in your leadership role.

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