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  • B.A. Education

  • M.S. Organizational Leadership

  • M.A. Industrial and Organizational Psychology

  • DEI Certificate

  • RBLB-T Certification

  • Empathetic Leadership Certificate

  • GiANT Guide

  • Heroic Public Speaking Graduate 

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  • Robinson " Rob" Joseph is a motivational speaker, consultant, and certified character coach who values dedication, service, and excellence. He is currently the lead for RLK Team Solutions. As a decorated veteran, Robinson brings unique perspectives gained from his 30-year Air Force experience to your organization, empowering you to unleash the untapped potential of your employees. Using real-world examples, Robinson sheds light on how the invaluable talent each person brings to your organization can positively impact your mission.

Please provide a summary of your work history, qualifications, and background:

  • Robinson has a deep passion for developing organizational leaders. He has over 30 years of leadership experience that has afforded him the unique opportunity to engage, train and develop teams in the United States, Europe, and multiple African countries. 

Why would a prospective client want you to be their keynote speaker or to support their speaking event? What are some compelling aspects of your background/career/experience that we should know about?

  • What sets Rob apart is his levity and humorous approach. He connects with audiences through our authenticity, delivering highly interactive presentations, and exploring learning-centered strategies, that keep participants engaged and inspired.

What are your primary topics/areas of expertise?

  • Increasing Employee Engagement

  • Leading for the First Time

  • Effective Customer Service

  • Leading and Engaging Diverse Teams

  • Cultivating a Positive Mindset

  • Shifting from a Silo Culture to a Team Culture

  • Deliberately Leading with Purpose

  • Embracing a Strategic Mindset

  • Winning with Remote Employees

  • Developing a High Performing Team


What are some positions you have held in your career that you would like prospective clients to know about?

  • Adjunct Faculty Instructor at Essex County Community College, NJ

  • Chief Enlisted Manager of Acquisitions for United States Air Forces in Europe and Africa

  • Senior Enlisted Leader for Defense Contract Management Agency for Afghanistan


What are some speaking events you’ve supported recently?

  • Housing Urban and Development, NJ Department of Welfare, Dousman Transport, Air Force Contracting World Wide Training Summit, US  Special Operations Command AT&L Training Summit

Please list any other information you would find helpful:

  • Robinson learned the value of teamwork at an early age. He grew up in Elizabeth, NJ, as the ninth of ten children of a Haitian immigrant family. Robinson’s passion for always doing more inspired him to enlist in the United States Air Force which led to an accomplished military career and reaching the highest enlisted rank of Chief Master Sergeant. During his career, he worked as a Logistic and Contracting Manager, as well as a Training and Development Manager. Through his life and leadership encounters Robinson has learned the importance of cross-generational communication relying on men and women from half his age to twice his age. This communication is based on mutual trust, respect, and comprehension. Robinson recognizes that the men and women in any organization are the most valued resource, which led to his emphasis that “Happy People Are Productive People”.

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