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  • Maxwell Trainer, Coach, and Speaker Certified John

  • Certified Diversity Practitioner

  • 2RL Certified Level 1 Coach 



  • Professional business owner and servant leader with over 30 years of experiential knowledge as a Senior Executive Leadership Trainer, Facilitator, Executive Coach, and Business Intelligence. Extensive senior management career facilitating senior leader, middle manager, and emerging leader development. Outstanding record of achievement in organizational strategy, team building, and cost-saving initiatives. Possesses exceptional verbal and written communication skills. I am highly motivated, nimble, resilient, and create psychologically safe spaces for open, honest communication. My position is to add immediate value, collaborate and share innovative, efficient, effective, and sustainable solutions. 

Please provide a summary of your work history, qualifications, and background:

  • Highly capable and well-rounded Communications Engagement Resource, Educational Leadership, Certified Diversity Practitioner, and 

        Certified Senior Training Professional with over 30 years of experience managing projects, teams, coaching, facilitating, and training 
        leadership and organizational teams. Extensive national and international experience in facilitating strategic and tactical planning for cross- 
        functional teams. 

  • Expert in providing and facilitating small to large meetings.

  • Experienced in developing meeting agendas, overseeing meeting flow, and summarizing and synthesizing reports.

  • Expert in developing comprehensive project plans that include financial and operational needs and implementation of large, complex, integrated business operations.

  • Exemplary understanding of workforce planning, organization restructuring, change management, performance management design, and implementation.

Why would a prospective client want you to be their coach? What are some compelling aspects of your background/career/experience that we should know about?

  • Extensive experience working with senior leaders in the government and military.  Previously served under President Bush and President Obama in the White House Transportation Agency interacting with senior cabinet members, junior cabinet members, international liaisons, and embassy leaders worldwide. Besides, having a top-secret security clearance where confidentiality is non-negotiable I value providing a psychologically safe space for all clients irrespective of status, title, job, or socioeconomic status. I find professional respect, honor, integrity, transparency, and demonstrating vulnerability requisite for establishing trust between a coach and a client. Leading with empathy and servant leadership are equally important. 

What’s your primary coaching method? What type of coaching do you primarily perform? Accountability, performance,life, health, etc.

  • I have the flexibility to adapt my coaching method to the client.  I prefer life, performance, accountability, and wellness/health coaching. 


What are some positions you have held in your career that you would like prospective clients to know about?

  • Division Operations Leader

  • Training 

  • Senior Equal Opportunity Leader

  • Senior Leader 


Do you have any personality or trait assessment certifications?

  • DiSC

  • TalentSmart 360 Refined


Do you have any articles or publications? Have you been featured in any? If so, what were they?

Please list any other information you would find helpful:

  • Provided Diversiy, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging Training for Spectrum HR Solutions, September - May 2023

  • Conducting Gaslighting workshop with Federally Employed Women NTP Leadership Conference July 2023

  • Facilitated 4-Day Leading and Managing Change Workshop supporting a GSA contract - July 2023

  • Moderated. Listening Sessions for F.E.A.R.S Advantage, 2022

  • Provided Leadership Training for  1/2 day ServiceSource HR Professionals, 2021

  • Staff Augmentation 

  • Served as panelist for Magnificent Leadership Conference  

  • Webinar speaker/trainer for Ryerson University 

  • Corporate Retreat Training for Dakota 3 Consulting Firm

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