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  • Certified Leader Development Coach, University of San Diego School of Leadership & Education Sciences 

  • NSRF-certified Critical Friends Group Coach, The National School Reform Faculty

  • Certified Instructor/developer of online learning course (IDOL)        

  • Certificate Managing for Inclusion: Leveraging Diversity in the workplace, Georgetown University

  • Certified NuroLeader, Neuro-Coach, Neuro-Entrepreneur, and Neuro Educator, Optimind Institute

  • Certified Emotional Intelligence (EI) Instructor, EI Training and Research Institute (EITRI)

  • Certified PDP Professional, Professional DynaMetric Program (PDP Global)   



  • Shevvy Mac is the Founder and CEO of MAC Leadership Academy, and she is known as the NeuroLeadership and Team Development Consultant. Shevvy has twenty-one-plus years of Active-Duty Air Force. She led and mentored civilian, senior and junior leaders at all levels to lead in the human to impact their organizations and people to succeed. 

  • Shevvy is an executor, result-focused leader, and instructor who executed federal government projects and initiatives. She loves working in large and small diverse work settings, leading teams carrying out high visibility multi-million-dollar defense programs underneath the Department of Defense Umbrella. 

  • She is an expert in training, development, and classroom management, with experience in leading large groups within organizations. Shevvy's comprehensive background blends competencies as an Instructor, Facilitator, Coach, Curriculum Development, Training Supervisor, Talent Development, and Program Management.

  • In addition, Shevvy teaches small business owners how to structure, develop and retain their team members to scale their business through training, consulting, and coaching using her twenty-one-plus years of military leadership, emotional intelligence, and neuroscience-based strategies. 

  • She is a mom of three amazing children ranging from toddlers to teenagers. Her family is her priority, and she loves connecting with others, cooking, dancing, and laughing.

Please provide a summary of your work history, qualifications, and background:

  • Instructor

    • Leader Development Course (LDC) for Squadron Command, Air University, AL 2022-presentMade history as an initial cadre enlisted instructor for the Air Force Chief of Staff's Leader Development Course for Squadron Command (LDC)

      • Teaches the course's 12 pillars of human domain leadership while producing up to 1200 future squadron commanders, civilian directors, senior enlisted leaders, and key spouses annually

      • Provides outstanding coaching, consulting, guided discussions, and facilitation during each eight-day course to 32 senior military and civilian directors monthly\Prepares and manages classrooms with various learning and teaching modalities to enhance the students' learning outcome

  • Profession of Arms Center of Excellence (PACE), Air University, AL, 2019-2022

    • Instructed over 1000 military and civilian personnel on leadership and human performance to enhance how they lead their organizations and people

    • Academic instructor for all of PACE content (i.e., 5-Voices, 5-Gears, Emotional Intelligence, Profession Dynamic Assessment)

    • Mobile Travel Instructor, taught leadership and personality traits (assessments) to Air Force organizations and people to execute the mission and become better leaders

    • Revised and created lesson plans and conducted need analysis to support the needs of PACE customers

    • Managed PACE Media Production $1.5M budget; published Heritage videos & motivational quotes impacting 217K personnel yearly

  • Fitness and Sports Operations Manager

    • US Air Force RAF Mildenhall, United Kingdom Jun 2018-Nov 2019

      • Oversaw 2 facilities valued at $11M and $80K budget and led 19 military and civilian personnel to support 4,600 personnel fitness, mental and physical readiness

      • Provided fitness programs to support 4,600 personnel physical readiness annually

      • Developed and managed monthly fitness calendars, produced 22 group exercise classes supporting the needs of military individuals and their family members

      • Hosted numerous special events to boost morale for over 4,600 personnel monthly

  • Operations Superintendent

    • US Air Force RAF Mildenhall, United Kingdom Nov 2016- Jan 2018

      • Oversaw three military members and managed 46 mission readiness positions to display unit mission readiness to support combat commanders in various internal military locations

      • Prepared personnel for deployments to meet Air Force missions with continuous training to execute the mission

      • Briefed senior leadership on monthly unit readiness, shortfalls, and improvement processes to support the combatant commanders

      • Directed annual military readiness training to 178 personnel, showcasing mission capabilities

  • Sustainment Services Superintendent

    • US Air Force Lajes Field, Azores, Portugal Oct 2015-Oct 2016

      • Oversaw five programs and 61 military and civilians employees to perform duties to support the base 600 population

      • Managed flight readiness program: prepared and briefed monthly reports to group leadership on the flight readiness to execute the mission in war and peacetime

      • Led Mortuary & Search & Recovery Program and conducted recurring training for 46 joint personnel to provide rescue support and build strategic partners

      • Improved work methods and procedures to ensure economic operations and customer satisfaction for the base population

  • Readiness & Plans NCOIC

    • US Air Force Minot AFB, Minot, North Dakota Dec 2013-Oct 2015

      • Managed 181 team members, 136 deployment blocks, and $149K in assets to meet mission need

      • Directed four military personnel to manage the organization’s personnel security and mission readiness

      • Directed readiness training annually, led four classes and 15 instructors to train 60 members to be 100% compliant

      • Facilitated and guided the unit readiness inspection, earned superior team award, coined by the inspector commander

  • Instructor Supervisor

    • Us Air Force Fort Lee Army Base, Fort Lee, Virginia Sept 2009- Dec 2013

      • Managed Mobile Shift Leader course, delivered 2K teaching hours Air Force-wide

      • Performed 260 hours of classroom instruction to Air Force new members every six weeks

      • Instructor supervisor: led a traveling team of 4 instructors and taught 80 objectives to Air Force personnel worldwide

      • Led course rewrite, contributed 560 hours, earned instructor level I, II, and III certifications

      • Unit Training Manager: managed and coordinated personnel training records and capabilities to execute the job, which increased team performance

Why would a prospective client want you to be their coach? What are some compelling aspects of your background/career/experience that we should know about?

  • A prospective client would want me as their coach because I have the experience and not only the knowledge. I am an executor, result-focused, and caring coach who puts my client's needs first. My coaching is a mixture of a coach and a mentor. I asked thought-provoking questions that allows my clients to reflect, think and get real with themselves to achieve their desires. 

  • I've been able to train, mentor and develop military and civilian leaders at all levels.  I've traveled as a mobile instructor to teach military junior leaders how to lead in their operations. I got the opportunity to work at the Air Force Professions of Arms Center of Excellence and The United States Air Force Chief of Staff program, the Leader Development Course as an instructor. In addition, I had the distinguished honor of providing mortuary support to fallen military members, retirees, and family members.

What’s your primary coaching method? What type of coaching do you primarily perform? Accountability, performance, life, health, etc.

  • My primary coaching is 1:1 

  • Perform leadership coaching, life coaching, wellness coaching, and accountability coaching.


What are some positions you have held in your career that you would like prospective clients to know about?

  • I worked at the Air Force Professions of Arms Center of Excellence, providing in-person and virtual training on various leadership and interpersonal topics to Air Force and Space Force members.

  • I was an Instructor at The Leader Development Course, owned by The United States Air Force Chief of Staff, facilitating, training, and coaching senior military and civilian leaders to lead in the human domain to execute missions and care for their people.


Do you have any personality or trait assessment certifications?

  • Certified PDP Professional

  • Professional DynaMetric Program (PDP Global)  

Please list any other information you would find helpful:

  • I am a mom of three children ranging from a toddler to a teenager. I was born and raised in Guyana, South America, so I bring a diverse background and perspective into my coaching and training.

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